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Sunny Smiles Necklace

Sunny Smiles Necklace

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Sunny Smiles Necklace


Time to play.  The sun gives the energy and inspiration we need to go outside and seek adventure.  Close your eyes, press your face up to the sun and you can’t help but smile.  The wildly beautiful and powerful sun has given life to our planet.  The way it shines light through a tree, or how it wakes us up in the morning to climb a mountain, or how it lights up the hair of someone you love, or beats down on your back as you splash around the water.  The sun makes us smile.  The sun makes us feel like kids again.  The sun makes us want to bask in the beauty of power we don’t understand.  Each sunburn is a badge of honor for doing a dance in her presence. We love the sun. We love the day she brings & this necklace reminds us to take advantage of every light filled hour. 


    • 21 mm x 29 mm 
    • 14 karat yellow gold plated over sterling silver 
    • Ruby(Red Sapphire) details 
    • Please allow 2-4 weeks as these pieces are made to order. Your treasure is worth waiting for!
    • I only make 10 of each design
    • Enjoy!
    • This comes with a 18 inch gold filled chain, if you would like a higher quality chain please add it to your cart!
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