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Moonla Necklace

Moonla Necklace

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Moonla Necklace


The moon illuminates the sky when full and then slowly melts away into complete darkness at the new moon.  She’s a mystery as she moves in and out of our lives. She is a clear visualization of the constant life, death and rebirth cycle. Her change is as constant as the ocean tides, as constant as our changing moods. This little beauty helps us connect to our emotions and sides that need more nurturing. Just know that it will pass, good or bad. Close those eyes and feel into your body.  Everything that’s out there, is also inside.


    • 21 mm x 29 mm 
    • Solid sterling silver & 14 karat gold plating
    • Pink sapphire detail
    • Please allow 2-4 weeks as these pieces are made to order. Your treasure is worth waiting for!
    • I only make 10 of each design
    • Enjoy!
    • This comes with a 18 inch gold filled chain, if you would like a higher quality chain please add it to your cart!
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